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The Jomsvikings: Legendary Viking Mercenaries

March 7, 2016

Here is a link to another fascinating piece of history that I have no time to write about, but love to read about!

If The Donald becomes president, better duck!

March 5, 2016

I’m worried. Yes, it’s about The Final Trump-et.
Okay, I suppose I could put up with a racist and religious bigot as president. After all, the First Amendment even gives us the right to air our . . . um, personal biases in public, right? We’re just not supposed to act on them, such as building fortifications across the national line to keep the riffraff out.

And the British parliament has already debated on whether or not they should ban Despicable Don from entry to their country, regardless of whether or not he actually becomes the President of the U.S. So what? We spent a lot of money and lives kicking them off our shores, so who needs them any more than OPEC, right?
Oh. So we still need OPEC. Well, still. They’re only Brits, or ‘limeys’ to those of us who are married to one.

But now I am seriously worried. There is a lawsuit against Trumped Up University.
No, I’m not worried about the lawsuit. After all, it’s the right of every Red Blooded American to make money, no matter how underhanded or corrupt the means. Moreover, in our incredibly litigious society (thank you, lawyers), most of our recent presidents have been sued or at least threatened, including Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama. What, it’s practically part of the job description now.

However, what I am worried about is possible senility. One of the issues of the lawsuit is that The Reality Show Regent advertised he had “personally selected the ‘best of the best’ instructors” for the faculty of his real estate university, which was a strong selling point for would-be future property princes. And yet, as the article referenced below demonstrates, the Towering Trump could not actually recall the name of a single hand-picked professor.

Here’s the deal: If the Billionaire Bigot cannot even remember professors he personally hand-picked to teach his deepest, most awesome financial secrets to eager students, how is he going to remember the members of his cabinet? After all, many of those people are actually recommended by others, not personally selected, and then they have to be approved by the senate. By the time they actually take office, he might have forgotten their names, let alone what their duties are.

Can we entrust our highest office to a man potentially bordering on Alzheimer’s Disease? Can we rely on him to remember whether or not he has ordered the bombing of all Muslim territory, or even of Mexico?

Yes. If The Donald gets elected, I’m keeping my head down. Who knows when or where the shit might fly?