Greece, the ruins above Delphi

I’m a retired teacher and a freelance writer and editor. I’m an active member of the California Writers Club, Mt. Diablo Branch of (meaning I actually make some money from my writings), where I serve as Chair of the Workshop Committee and supervise the Screenwriter’s Critique Group. Most of what I do for pay is non-fiction. The topics include society, education, politics, philosophy/religion, and travel.

Early in my writing career I wrote poetry, short stories and novels.  I have since expanded into stage and screenplays. Most longer works are in the “historical fiction” category, although I’ll write about anything that catches my fancy.

Professionally, I spent 24 years as a marketing and communications executive. After an early retirement, I obtained teaching credentials and a master’s degree to teach English and Public Speaking at the secondary level, as well as a Small Business Management class at an adult education center.

Website photo: Central Falls, Plitvicka Jezera National Park, Croatia

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Donna Amis Davis Says:

    Don, you didn’t happen to live behind us growing up, did you? With a sister my age named Ursula?

    • Don Maker Says:

      Donna, I grew up in Serra Mesa, and indeed have a sister named Ursula. As a gentleman, I won’t ask your age. I saw your blog, and that would be a beautiful, probably very relaxed place to live. Now I want to visit! (You may have noticed I’m a featured international travel writer for Yahoo!, so we travel a lot.) Cheers, Don

  2. Donna Amis Davis Says:

    That’s us then. Serra Mesa it is. My dad lived in that house until a few months before he died in 2005. Is your house across the fence still in your family? By the way, have you seen the FB group Serra Mesa 92123? It has a whole lot of fun posts of memories growing up in that old neighborhood.

    If you travel a lot, you would probably love Palawan. It is better for the intrepid, adventurous types, rather than the luxury-loving set! I need to go up and check out your articles here. Looks fascinating.

  3. Don Maker Says:

    Yes, the house is still in the family–my youngest sister, Donna, owns it, Mom still lives there, while Ursula married the guy across the street (!) Bill, and they are now in Reno. I’ve made a couple of comments on that site, but not too involved, as I spend so much time on my writing. We’ve traveled a LOT, and would no doubt enjoy Palawan, probably more than certain parts of the Middle East, Asia, and others we’ve visted. As we get older, however, we do enjoy our creature comforts! I’m just about to post three more articles on international travel, so hope you’ll give them a look. Cheers, Don

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