About My Writing

What is the focus of Don Maker’s Blog? None. For me, writing is about catharsis as much as it is about trying to make some money. That’s one of the reasons my writing is so eclectic — although some might say “scattered”!

In the old days, one had to trot down to Berkeley Square (no, not Northern California; it’s a town square in the West End of London, England, and it’s pronounced “Bar’-clay”) and stand on a soap box (preferably a sturdy wooden sort) and harrangue passers-by at the top of your lungs if you wanted others to share in your pithy thoughts on the world. If you were interesting, people might actually stop and listen. Now, we have the internet.

I’m happy to share my views on everything: sports, politics, education, philosophy, religion, the social order (and disorder) of things, nature, finance — you name it, I’ve got an opinion on it! My wife and I have had the good fortune to travel extensively, but if you wish to read my articles on international travel, please click on the link to Yahoo!, because they paid me for them, and they have exclusive rights to them.

Other than travel, if my writing entertains you at all, please feel free to comment, pro or con. While I discourage profanity and personally defamatory remarks, any opinion you care to share is just as valid as mine, and I hope I’m open-minded enough to think seriously about your point of view and respond intelligently (well, as intelligently as is possible for me…). If you REALLY like my writing, then please try one of my novels! They are mostly historical fiction, but again, I’m pretty eclectic/scattered.

Thanks for sharing my world, i.e., blogosphere. Cheers, Don Maker

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2 Responses to “About My Writing”

  1. Nate Says:

    Where might one find one of your novels, Don?

    • Don Maker Says:

      None published yet. I have a novel with two publishers right now; if neither decides to take it, I’ll go the e-publishing route later this year. I’m trying to finish a non-fiction book I think you would find interesting as well; the subject is mythology and metacognition.

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